Friday, November 27, 2009

And more of my leaf inspired pieces, except these are tiny. They’re about 5-7 cms. long and based on actual leaves pinched and manipulated into mini bowls. Again both variations of one basic glaze recipe.

Dry Trees Bowl

The colouring of this bowl, glazed with one of the variations of the iridescent glaze, fitted in perfectly with the colour and texture of the shales and leaves in this part of the garden. I suppose it’s simply returning it to its point of inspiration. The dark clay on the underside was dug out of the ground about two metres away from where I took this photo, and the leaves impressed in the inner surface were growing a similar distance away in another direction. I like the way it looks like some kind of fantastical bracket fungus growling out of the ground.

And another. This is the same glaze as the previous at a slightly lower kiln temperature.

More iridescent glaze effects.

Some glazes can change markedly with seemingly minor adjustments of proportions of the ingredients or firing temperatures. I’m fiddling with the characteristics of this iridescent glaze at the moment and getting some spectacular effects.

More Yummys

Not much point making pottery if you don’t enjoy using it. I like the festive, celebratory look of food served up in special dishes, and using my own pieces lets me know whether they are really functional. The wavy bowls work well as salad or fruit bowls, for biscuits, popcorn and other nibblies. The smaller size is good for non runny desserts (homemade icecream!!) but would be a disaster waiting to happen with soup