Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Heidi and her maker, Fleur Schell http://www.fleurschell.com/

The 40th Anniversary Exhibition opening last Wednesday was a good evening. All the butterflies of the various prize announcements (none for me this time) and lots of enjoyable socializing, discussion and up close viewing of the various entries. I love living in a small town, but it does have the disadvantage that I rarely have the opportunity for in person trips to galleries, so I lap it up when I get the chance. Internet is useful for networking and browsing through people’s online galleries but it can’t beat actually being there.
My just turned five daughter was reluctant to go to the opening until I told her some of her favourite potters had entries in the exhibition. “Is there a Heidi and Kilbey??” Suddenly she was all enthusiasm. Once at the exhibition I picked her up to have a close look at “Heidi’s Neighbourhood”- a little town of fantasy tower houses with curly bits on the roofs, balconies, flowers and other fancy bits. “Which one would you like to live in?” Said daughter took a number of people over to see this favourite exhibit through the evening.

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