Friday, August 27, 2010

And another similar...

Another Pelargonium leaf bowl, using a paler stoneware clay and layering a green ash glaze and my Ash Celadon glaze. This gives the leaf veins more definition. For a change I used an old map instead of plain card for my photo background. Not usual practice for publication but I like it.


  1. Good result, the leaf impressions are particularly nice and the glazes work very well on the surface. I think the map is a great idea, give sense of connection to the piece - but are your pelargoniums from Egypt, Syria or Persia? Teasing! Must try similar background sometime.

  2. No intended geographic reference, but I think a lot of the pelargoniums may actually be mediterranean in origin. More to the point I was enjoying the counterpoint of the different textures of the leaf and continental outlines, and the antique feel of the map. Exact placement was more determined by what parts of the map weren't damaged.