Friday, November 5, 2010

Spiral Bowls

For a bit of a change from my usual impressed designs, I've done a bit of inlay. Fine coils of white clay against a darker clay background and glazed with my usual Ash Celadon glaze. The curious thing is that the "glaze fit" (which means how closely the shrinkage rate of the glaze and clay match each other) is different for the two clays, with the result that there is finer crackle (crazing) over the white clay areas. One of those subtle things that you only notice when you look closely.
Happy news is that these bowls along with the "Apple Pelargonium" bowls in the next post have been accepted into the Ergon Energy Central Queensland Ceramic Art Award, which must be in the running for longest award title, but it's a good exhibition. Beautiful light filled double gallery space at Rockhampton Art Gallery, and a wide range of works by both established and "emerging" ceramicists. The exhibition runs from 3 December 2010 until 28 Feb 2011.

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