Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Upcoming Exhibition

Ceramics Victoria is celebrating its 40th birthday this year and are having a major selected exhibition at Manningham Gallery, Doncaster, Victoria (Aus). www.manningham.vic.gov.au/gallery The exhibition opens on the 14th of October ’09 and closes on the 31st of October. This is my entry, “Sycamore Set”. To give an idea of scale, the square plate is 17 cm. square. I completed it late last year while I was a student at SMB. It’s decorated with impressed patterns from Sycamore leaves picked from the garden around SMB’s ceramics studio and glazed with an Ash Celadon glaze, which uses ash from our cookstove fireplace as a major ingredient. I’m always amazed at the way that a mixture of ashes and clay “mud” can turn into a beautiful translucent glaze if you just get it hot enough.The exhibition has attracted some very good potters from all over Australia. I’m looking forward to the opening night

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