Friday, February 10, 2012

The Next Challenge

I want to post off some pottery by Tuesday to Shepparton Art Gallery as they're having a big reopening after renovations and it would be good to have some "fresh" work in their shop for the occasion. This means a no-pyrometer glaze firing for Monday. I have finished a glaze firing previously on observations plus draw trials (rings of glazed clay pulled out via the spyhole to check the glaze "maturity" i.e. has it fused properly) when the batteries in my old pyrometer ran flat unexpectedly. So I know it can be done. It's nice having the reassurance of an electronic device, but for most of history no such thing has existed.

Below are some pics of the pieces I'll be glazing.

Grape leaf plate

 Rockpool plates, impressed with a water eroded rock found on a beach.

Violet leaf small bowls, with the ash from the leaves still sitting inside them.

Weed bowl. I'm planning on only glazing the inside of this with a rock dust Tenmoku (black/brown) glaze.

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